Vulcanising Services

BELT WIDTHS: 200mm - 2.2m





Our engineers hold CCNSG safety passports and a S.P.A. passport, where required.


Hot and Cold Vulcanised Joints

Simm Conveyor Services are the leading experts in vulcanising conveyor belt joints with seven teams of fully experienced vulcanisers. The original company, Simm Engineering Group of Sheffield, was the pioneer of vulcanising over 60yrs ago and Simm Conveyor Services have continued the same, with great commitment to quality service and high productivity.

Using only the highest grade of raw materials, Simm Conveyor Services meet and exceed the recommended splice length, step length stated by the conveyor belt manufacturer and continually monitor the pressure and temperature during the vulcanisation process.

24 Hour On Site Vulcanising

When Simm Conveyor Services arrive on site our fully experienced vulcanisers will give you total peace of mind and come equipped to take care of any situation which may arise and solve it quickly and efficiently. Our vans are fully equipped to the highest standards and are usually able to perform additional tasks that may arise during our visit to your site.

All Simm personnel have undertaken safety training and carry safety passorts with them at all times, ensuring the vulvanising will be done safely.